Andromeda Strain LP (RSD 2017 Edition) - Gil Melle

Andromeda Strain LP (RSD 2017 Edition) - Gil Melle


Available at indie record stores nationwide on April 22!

  Anything left will be available April 23rd at Jackpot Records Store and Jackpot LIMIT ONE PER PERSON. No exceptions.

Record Store Day Exclusive
Limited to 1,500
Silver foil die-cut cover
Hexagon shaped vinyl LP
From the original stereo analog masters

Deluxe original 1971 exact design featuring a silver foil die-cut cover that folds open to expose the Hexagon shaped LP and artwork inside. One of most sought after and expensive soundtracks ever released. A historic first in electronic soundtracks with all electronic instruments specifically built by composer Gil Melle. From the Original Stereo Analogue Masters. Never before reissued.

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