Bob Dorough - Multiplication Rock OST (Limited Edition Color RSD 2019 Vinyl LP)

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Original ABC 1973 TV soundtrack, part of the Schoolhouse Rock! Series.  Jazz Bop Vocalist Bob Dorough (1923-2018) composed “Multiplication Rock” as a way for children to remember Multiplication tables.  With the use of upbeat pop and rock melodies it turned into a huge success and was Grammy Nominated for Best Children Recording.    A huge influence and sample source for many artists from De La Soul to Elliott Smith .  Multi-Colored Vinyl LP from The Original Master Tapes with original Tape Box artwork.  Limited to 1500 copies.  

Tracks: Elementary My Dear, Three Is A Magic Number, The Four Legged Zoo, Ready Or Not Here I Come, My Hero Zero, I Got Six, Lucky Seven Sampson, Figure Eight, Naughty Number Nine, The Good Eleven, Little Twelvetoes